Peter & Pat established secret-formula for Wonder-soap-bubbles.
Here is how to make it up a quantity of soap liquid from the concentrate and powder.


6L or 3L warm tap water (or destilled water) Avoid very hard water.
500ml/250ml Wondersoap with Glycerin
12/6gr Wonderpowder


Begin by stirring the warm water with a cooking spoon and sprinkle the powder slowly into it and continue to stir until all the powder is dissolved.
After 20 minutes you add the soap.
It will be useable as soon as the water cools, but works best if you left for 24hours.
If you want perfect bubbles, let it sit for 2-3 days in an open bucket.

This mixture will work well for up to two weeks.
If you decant the solution after 1-2days into a clean bottle and store it in a cool and dark place,
then the solution will last for up to two months!

Older soap mixtures are still useable but should be seperated from the white deposit at the bottom.

Is non toxic and made from natural materials.


The best environment: is high humidity and low windspeed. Keep the cord away from dirt and work with the wind behind you

1.) Put the sticks together, dunk it completly with the sticks into the soap and let it soak. Do not stir.
2.) Lift both sticks together.
3.) Then spread the points apart, opening the cord loop.
4.) By gently opening and closing the cord loop, and judge the windspeed, several large bubbles can be released.
5.) Clean the cord after use.

HINT:Too much foam is not good for big bubbles. After some time clean the soap from the foam! (So it is worthwhile taking time to remove any foam that develops on the surface of the liquid.)

Children under 9 years should only play with adult supervision.
Choking hazard. Contains small parts.
Not for children under 3 years!
If swallowed do not induce vomiting:
seek medical advice immediately!
Try to avoid eye-contact.