• Dr.Bubbles provides outdoor- and indoor-shows, suitable to your occasion.

    For festivals, events, company celebrations, movies and TV, corporate events, incentive events, exhibitions, weddings, stage shows, walk act,
    streetfestivals, birthday parties,…
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    Interactive soap buble show (outdoor)

    Riesen-Seifenblasen-Qualle (Foto: Alois Endl)

    Giant-soap-bubble-jellyfish (Pic: Alois Endl)

    During our interactive shows each viewer can be an actor. Thus, interactivity takes place and promote awareness of actively shaping its environment. Everyone is an artist, everyone can participate.

    Children are learning patience, attention, skills, body control and experiencing easily success and tons of fun. The fascination of the giant soap bubbles awakens the “inner child” in adults and let them enjoy this very moment. Our interactive shows are suitable for children from 4-144 years.
    The ideal entertainment for childs, youths and adults, including people with special needs.

    Soap bubble stage show (indoor)

    Bubblegalaxy (Foto: Felix Krepler)

    Bubblegalaxy (Pic: Felix Krepler)

    Dr.Bubbles enchants the viewer on his show and lets him plunge into a magical world. By this he creates with his soap bubbles everything possible and impossible.

    Bubbles with smoke, soap bubbles flying upwards and crazy giant soap bubbles. Even a bubble caterpillar, a carousel, a cube and much more, can be witnessed. With a little luck you may be in a bubble.
    A unique experience, popular with all age groups!

    Soap bubble show (outdoor), Walking Act

    Outdoor Show in Qatar (Pic: Nigel Downes)

    Outdoor Show in Qatar (Pic: Nigel Downes)

    Dr.Bubbles brings joy, magic, amazement and fascination to all guests of your event. Giant soap bubbles in all shapes and sizes delights everyone. As a flamboyant surprise action, as art amidst the guests, mood elevator or as a welcoming committee.

    Dr.Bubbles tells in his outdoor shows, any possiblitys with giant soap bubbles. From simple giant bubbles over long bubble-snakes to complex bubble formations up to several hundreds of bubbles at once.
    If the wind is voted mild, even soapbubbles will fly out of his hands.

    Examples of my show: Media

    For bookings please contact by mail: contact.


    We are able to refer to events in Qatar, Bahrain, USA, Costa Rica, Swizzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and The Czech Republic.

    Best of:
    Formula 1 Gran prix Bahrain, Red Bull headquarter opening-ceremony, Doha Tribeca film festival Qatar, Boston children museum – bubble daze 4 (USA), ATB-Bank Amsterdam, Grand Casino Baden, ISSA/Interclean convention Amsterdam, BTU-Nightflight, Wien Xtra town hall Vienna, Servus TV “am morgen”, ORF “The big chance”, YMCA-Europe in Prag, Bawag Summerparty Magna Racino,…

    Collaborations with: Tom Noddy, Estas Tonne, Daniel Walpes (hang in balance), Christian Amin Varkonyi (, Edgar Unterkirchner, Lorenzo Lovisolo (, Piotr Szczeniowsky, Eva Novak, Mareike Kirsch, Simon Sonnfried,…

    .) “Wien Xtra Ramba Zamba Riesenspielfest” (town hall Vienna)
    .) Grand casino Baden, “Cinderella dances”
    .) Boston children museum, bubble daze 4, USA
    .) Generali insurance group
    .) Bawag summerparty at the Magna Racino

    Interactive shows and outdoor shows:
    .) Formula 1 GP Bahrain, three days outdoor show
    .) Show for Steven Brookes (“Envision Festival”) in Punta Mona / Costa Rica
    .) Boston children museum, bubble daze 4, USA
    .) Wien Xtra, Holliday games opening festival
    .) BTU-Nightflight
    .) “House of amazement” opening celebration, in collaboration with Edgar Unterkirchner
    .) Wr.Linien, European championship
    .) 29th. “Pflasterspektakel”, int. streetart festival Linz
    .) Bawag Summerparty Outdoor shows with three bubble artists
    .) Thomas Cook Summerparty, Volksgarten Säulenhalle
    .) “Stadt Wien marketing”, Familypark opening
    .) Murenschalk, int. streetart festival, Bruck a. d. Mur
    .) Shopping night in Liezen
    .) Shopping night in Bad Hofgastein
    .) Diakoniewerk Summerparty
    .) White Night in Neeulengbach
    .) Schools, Kindergarden, Weddings,…

    .) “ISSA/Interclean” convention Amsterdam, Three days indoor shows for the swiss company “Wetrok”
    .) “Wien Xtra Ramba Zamba Riesenspielfest” (town hall Vienna) (media, video)
    .) “Hogast” Symposium 2014 (media, pictures)
    .) publishing house präsentation “RRV”, culture association of the Aserbaidschanic ambessy
    .) Show for Purim, in “Lauder Chabad” school Vienna
    .) “House of amazement” in Gmünd/Kärnten, Two days indoor-shows for the opening celebration (media, video)
    .) “Diversity” award presentation for The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber
    .) “Raiffeisen” bank in Eggenburg

    Film & Television:
    .) Interview and show for “Servus TV am Morgen” (media, video)
    .) XtraHappy, musicvideo with and for children with down-syndrom
    .) Short movie with “Filmessenz” for “Servus TV”

    Interactive shows and outdoor shows:
    .) Red Bull headquarter, opening ceremony for Jos Pirkner
    .) Lindt’s biggest easter-rabbit-search Austria, Schloß Schönbrunn
    .) renaissance fair on castle ruin “Aggstein”
    .) Peace festival Attersee
    .) “In the sign of the white elsbeerblossom”, Neulengbach
    .) “SOS Kinderdorf” Hinterbrühl
    .) “Kinderfreunde Trumau”, familyfestival
    .) 140. Diakoniefestival Linzerberg
    .) Summerrise festival Strombauamt Greifenstein for Ute Bock
    .) We are 12, Punkt12 & Gierstergassen Streetfestivals
    .) Tree of Life Festival
    .) Austria Wien, Ankicktag
    .) Heart culture festival
    .) Caritas House St.Barbara
    .) Palfinger childrens-cancer-help
    .) Schottenfelder Pfarrfestival
    .) Equalizent 10 years anniversary
    .) different school-celebrations, kindergardens, weddings and birthdays

    Indoor shows und outdoor-Shows inkl. interactive shows in Austria, Swizzerland, Germany and the Czech Republic.

    .) Österr. Liga for Kinder- und Jugendgesundheit, town hall Vienna
    .) 20 Years “Kindergruppe Simsalabim”, Arena Wien
    .) ORF: Die große Chance (biggest casting show in Austria)
    .) Carnival-celebration in Gmunden SEP Einkaufscenter
    .) „Willkommen du bist ein Lebenswunder“ Celebration

    .) slow-motion movie on the university for arts
    .) film advertisment for “Wien Energie”.
    .) Fotoshooting for Kunstmüh-festival.
    .) Birthday partys

    Interaktive shows (outdoor):
    Closing Show in Prag für YMCA festival Europe, Lindt’s größte Osterhasensuche Österreichs in Schönbrunn, Stadtspektakel Landshut(D), Family Day für Basler und Hofmann(Ch), Festival Fatastika, Heartculture Festival, Salon Jardin Schloß Hetzendorf, Familientag Grafenegg, Südwind Straßenfest, Friedensfest des Herzens, Friedensfest Attersee, Kinderfest der Liliputbahn, Speckdackel, Pflasterspektakel Vöklamarkt, Murenschalk Festival, Weihnachtsmarkt im Türkenschanzpark, Tree of Life Festival, Kalvarienberg Straßenfest, Volksstimmefest, Kinderfreunde – Welttag des Kindes, JUVIVO Spielstraßenfest, Kinderflohmarkt im Lichthafen, Frühlingsfest im Lichthafen, New year celebration Ebreichsdorf, Geburtstagsfeiern und Hochzeiten,…

    Indoor shows and outdoor-shows inkl. interactive shows in Austria and Qatar:

    Indoor shows:
    .) Pflasterspektakel Linz – Kaleidoskopnight with Estas Tonne (go to: Media)
    .) Kinderfest der Innsbrucker Frauenklinik
    .) Jonglierili-Jonglierfestival
    .) Urhof20 mit Eva Novak
    .) SOHO Ottakring.

    Interactive shows (outdoor):
    Shows & interactive shows on stage on promenade for the Doha Tribeca Film Festival in Doha/Qatar.
    Familienfest Preyer Kinderspital, Heartculture-Festival, Pflasterspektakel Linz, Salon Jardin Schloß Hetzendorf, Pflegeheim Kirchberg am Wechsel, Partycipation, Moki Kinderfest, Volksstimmefest – Verein Elternverwaltete Kindergruppen, Urban Arts Festival, Olala-Festival, Friedensfest Attersee, Emmaus-Kinderfest, Shopping-night in Liezen, Kindergruppe Kunterbunt, Andersrum Straßenfest, Welttag des Kindes und Herbstfest der Wr. Kinderfreunde, Reindorfgasse Straßenfest, Ottakringer Brauerei, Südwind Straßenfest, Straßenfest der IKG am Judenplatz, Weihnachtsmarkt im Türkenschanzpark, private Geburtstagsfeiern und Hochzeit,…

    Indoor shows und outdoor-shows inkl. interactive shows in Austria, Swizzerland, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium

    Indoor-performance: Romeo und Juliet-soap bubble ballett with Patrycja Szczeniowska in Amsterdam for ATB (bank from the Netherlands).
    Indoor-show for “MOKI Kinderfest”, and the carneval-party from “Jugend am Werk”.
    Outdoor-Show by “Oskar Maus Festival” in Swizzerland, topic: Air with Clarissa Pöschek as Dancer.

    Interaktive shows (outdoor):
    Donauinselfest (Kinderfreunde-Insel), Pflasterspektakel Linz, Festival Fantastika, Salon Jardin – Schloß Hetzendorf, Kindergruppe Kunterbunt, Volksstimmefest – Verein Elternverwaltete Kindergruppen, Familientag in Rankweil (Vorarlberg), Secession, Wienwirbel, Tag des Kindes und Herbstfest der Wr. Kinderfreunde, Seedcamp, Andersrum Straßenfest, vielen Demonstrationen (Clini Clowns Flashmob, Gehsteigfestival, Rasen am Ring,…) und Straßen-Workshops in Wien.
    Geburtstagsfeiern, Hochzeit und ein Begräbnis.

    April-Dezember 2010:
    Outdoor-shows inkl. interactive shows in Austria.
    Veranstaltungen: Donauinselfest (Kinderfreunde-Insel), Spirit-Base-Festival, Payback-Festival, Kasumama, Seedcamp, Wiesen-Lovely Days, Festival Fantastika, Bock Ma’s, Rathausplatz Kirtag, Steiermark-Festival (Rathausplatz), Wienwirbel, Straßenshows in Wien und Bratislava.