soapbubble therapy

Dr. Bubbles in colorful garment,

makes giant soap bubbles in every land.

Who sees these colorful shapes,

takes off with it and gapes!

Flies with the soap bubble in a space,

that almost unknown in these days.

There, everything is wide and free,

everyone’s full of fun, you’ll see!

Awakens the inner child into it’s heart,

the yoy is spread to every part.

Kids have it easy here,

the success is very near. 🙂

Seifenblasen Kinderleicht

Children are learning patience, attentiveness, dexterity, body control and have very quickly experiences of success and lots of fun. The fascination of the giant soap bubbles awakens the “inner child” in adults and let them enjoy this very moment. Unique structures of water reflect the lights, shimmers in colors of a rainbow and brings sparkling joy to everybody.

By watching and doing these constantly transforming, color-reflecting flying objects, we are immediatly in the here and now. During the soapbubble-enjoyment nearly all problems ranked behind. Also very helpful during depression where no way out is seen. But, just because the bubbles pop, that don’t mean our problems also pop. We are still alowed to grow with them 😉

Psychologically soap bubbles causing an mood elevation right away, connected with the experienced knowledge that everything is changing. All comes and goes. Everything is new. Nearly nothing is impossible.
By that impressions the psyche will be remodelt in this direction that even deep problems are changeable. We are experiencing strong sense of pleasure and big disengagement.

Thrue the sensitive play with the wind and the watching of these complex structures, the concentration and receptivity will be furthered. An another important consideration are fast realized experiences of success and the big fun, because it’s well known that laughting is the best medicine!

On hyperactive children (i.e.: ADHD/ADD-attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) it happens, that through the motion, linked with concentration, success and joy, even their urge to move and non-directional energy will be directed into constructive ways. This results in higher concentration, attentiveness and even temper. Also children who are lacking in motivation or are shy, their curiosity and play instinct will be increased. Partycipation in the event will be naturally animated.

On the physical layer the soap bubble game improves sense of balance, fine motor skills, delicacy of feeling and free movement for arms and legs at the same time. Back- and handmuscles are strengthened and the shoulders get good activated without bearing much weight. Experiances have shown that even with clavicular fracture, rehabilitation worked out faster.

Our interactive Shows are useful as entertainment and outdoor activity for kids, youths and adults. Also applicable for therapeutic application of rehabilitation on physical, as well as support on psychological disorders. Healing effects are now examined by medical specialists in Berlin/Germany.

Our interactive shows are suitable for children from 4-144 years. An experience for young and old, including people with special needs.

&#169 Aramis Gehberger(2011)